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We will keep the European flame alive


Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels

RT @TheProgressives: RT @TheProgressives: "The problem of the EU is not speed, it's direction. If the direction is austerity, then Europe is going towards a wal…

RT @hopenothate: RT @hopenothate: 'It is a disgrace to Europe’: former child refugee @AlfDubs on the #calaisjungle camp… via @guardia…

Afzal Khan MEP (EU) tweeted :

Looking forward to Awaaz Daily debate: What happens to Europe after Brexit? #WayForward

RT @TheProgressives: RT @TheProgressives: "It is not the job of Europe to sanction and judge, it is our role to support and unite nations" says @giannipittella…

Afzal Khan MEP (EU) replied to @MoeedNj :

@MoeedNj we will, We r the biggest party in Europe. More members than all the rest of UK parties put together! 15k new members in last 24hrs

Afzal Khan MEP (EU) tweeted :

Speaking about #Muslims facing an environment of hate in UK & Europe. Congrats to @ihrc for detailed report and concrete recommnedations

RT @TheProgressives: Beginning shortly | S&D conference on Muslims in Europe - The untold success stories. You can watch it live here ➡️

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RT @FEMYSO: RT @FEMYSO: Full room today at the SD group event on Muslims in Europe"@akhanmep @ARDIEP2014_2019

RT @TheProgressives: Dr Ben Addi "Muslims are a chance for Europe, not a burden. Together, we need to fight the prejudices & cultivate our rich differences"

RT @TheProgressives: RT @TheProgressives: LIVE on #Periscope: S&D @Akhanmep opens conference on Muslims in Europe : the untold success stories…