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Vice Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament. International relations. Global security. Russia. Baltic States. China. EU. NATO. e-Government.


Sindaco di Borgosesia (VC), Pro Sindaco di Varallo (VC). Deputato Lega Nord al Parlamento europeo. Membro Comm. Industria e Agricoltura e Delegazione UE-Russia.

Janice Atkinson (EU) retweeted @RTUKnews :

RT @RTUKnews: .@HillaryClinton is still accusing Russia of meddling worldwide in elections and claims RT is opening a Scottish bureau. #fakenews

RT @UnianInfo: RT @UnianInfo: Russia decided to send troops to Crimea even before receiving Yanukovych letter – witness...… https:/…

RT @lennutrajektoor: RT @lennutrajektoor: Due to downsizing US diplo staff in Russia Russians applying for the US visa can do it in Kiev. Must be present in per…

RT @akihheikkinen: RT @akihheikkinen: Klintsevich: "There is no reason to believe that #Russia is preparing for war" on wartime conscription draft law https:/…

RT @_JakubJanda: Me for @BILD: Kremlin nr1 taget is SPD, as it has possible policy impact. Compromise with CDU on Russia policy & NS2 is the goal.

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @CrazyinRussia :

RT @CrazyinRussia: RT @CrazyinRussia: When you forget your car keys in Russia.

RT @montie: RT @montie: Via @nprnews: @unherd's been critiquing cronyism in western capitalism but for full-on immoral economics, see Russia https://t.…

RT @marcorubio: RT @marcorubio: We have no quarrel with Russia or the Russian people. Problem is with Putin & his oppression, war crimes & interference in…

Veiko Spolitis (Unity) retweeted @AP :

RT @AP: RT @AP: BREAKING: Russian foreign minister says Trump accepted Putin's assurances that Russia didn't meddle in the U.S. election.

RT @StefanLeifert: RT @StefanLeifert: The new cold Twitter war between Russia and NATO: