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RT @UKParliament: #OTD 1537 Edward VI born. In 1550 he declared St Stephen's Chapel in Westminster as permanent home for Parliament…

RT @Hull_Museums: RT @Hull_Museums: #OTD in 1833 – The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 receives Royal Assent, abolishing slavery through most of the British Empir…

RT @UKParliament: Stanley Baldwin was born #OTD in 1867. Prime Minister three times between 1923-1937, he served under 3 monarchs.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

James Madison presented the US Bill of Rights (modelled on England's) to Congress #OTD 1789. Would any Congress approve it these days?

RT @OnThisDayNYT: RT @OnThisDayNYT: The front page #OTD in 1938. Hitler enters Austria in triumphal parade. #nytimes

OTD eighty four years ago! "The #Reichstag Warning" by @TimothyDSnyder… via @nybooks Photo from @Britannica

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1943. The War Cabinet discuss The 'Beveridge Report'. Labour want a gurantee that its findings will be implemented after the War.

RT @cartsburnbooks: #otd 1889 – 1st evening classes held in Greenock under Scottish University extension scheme at Glebe School, Crawfurd Street. #inverclyde