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Vice Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament. International relations. Global security. Russia. Baltic States. China. EU. NATO. e-Government.


Sindaco di Borgosesia (VC), Pro Sindaco di Varallo (VC). Deputato Lega Nord al Parlamento europeo. Membro Comm. Industria e Agricoltura e Delegazione UE-Russia.

RT @Sywert: RT @Sywert: 'FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election'

tiers bakker (sp) retweeted @OJutel :

RT @OJutel: Lacan would say that liberal pathological enjoyment (Russia panic) is based on a fantasy of Trump as debased agent of enjoyment (jouissance)…

@gerritduits 'Russia from my house'. Ja, dat wist ik, maar ze zei wel 'whose airspace does Putin fly into', en andere even domme zaken

Piet Rietman (onbekend) tweeted :

All today: Russia may shoot down US planes over Syria. Saudis say Iran attacked one of its oilfields. China and Iran hold joint naval drill.

@FrankKruijsbeek 'When I fired Comey, I was thinking: this whole story with Trump and Russia=fake news'. Voor smoking guns: see @potus own tweets/statements.

RT @bitchyologist: RT @bitchyologist: You know who didn't coordinate with Russia? HILLARY FUCKING CLINTON You know who won the popular vote? HILLARY FUC…

RT @JeffreyGoldberg: RT @JeffreyGoldberg: The U.S. president-elect aligns himself with the president of Russia and against the current American president: https…

RT @RussianEmbassy: RT @RussianEmbassy: Praise God it's not Russia this time

RT @JohnFugelsang: RT @JohnFugelsang: Despite our differences we have to agree that this is an historic day for all citizens of Russia.