All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @apolyakova: RT @apolyakova: More US sanctions against Russians are very likely coming following the expulsion today.…

RT @Lucian_Kim: Scoop: Expulsion of 60 diplomats guts US embassy in Moscow. Entire political section, press secretary, ambassador's personal interpreter all gone.

RT @BBCSteveR: Today's Russian papers on the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats: "In relations between Russia & the West, this is the most tense moment since the 1980s. We are now in a full-scale cold war."

RT @foreignoffice: Decisive international action by our allies and partners following earlier UK expulsion of 23 undeclared Russian intelligence officers. Russia cannot break international rules with impunity

RT @dmitryzaksAFP: RT @dmitryzaksAFP: The latest expulsion count is 132:

RT @BBCSteveR: RT @BBCSteveR: Eurovision Song Contest 2018? No, Russian state TV's coverage of the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats 2018.…

RT @Ukropo4kA: More expulsion of #RussianDiplomats, part 2 :) #Romania's foreign ministry says 1 Russian diplomat will be expelled from the country #Croatia's prime minister says he will expel 1 Russian diplomat in solidarity with the UK