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RT @MarinaAlxeev: Honestly the fact that Bill Blair, top cop during G20 who defended some of the most racist police violence in TO, now gets to legislate makes me rage blackout every time I think about it.

RT @eucopresident: Coming up this autumn: #EUCO, #UNGA, #ASEM12, #G20, internal and external security, migration, rules-based multilateral cooperation, economy, trade, and of course #Brexit. Bring it on!

RT @joncstone: The UK already has the lowest corporation tax rate in the G20 (19%) and George Osborne announced the further cut to 18% in 2020 in his 2015 budget. So she’s re-announcing a three year-old policy and making it out to be a response to Brexit?

RT @withorpe: Tories said judge us on our economic record so here goes Failed to eradicate deficit Lowest growth in G20 Nearly doubled national debt 1m+ using foodbanks while top 1% doubled wealth Slowest wage growth since 19th cent Borrowed more in 8 yrs than every Lab govt combined

RT @davidwbateman: The SNP's economic record: • Lowest growth of any EU, OECD or G20 economy • Highest business rates in Europe • Two key GDP targets missed More from @DeanLockhartMSP in today's @scotonsunday.

RT @zeitonline: RT @zeitonline: Fehlende Beweise, überzogene Berichte: Die Hamburger Polizei hat einige Angaben zu den G20-Krawallen korrigiert. https://t.…

#G20 - Akkreditierungen: Zweifel und Kritik an Polizeidateien - u.a. von der BfDI #Voßhoff…