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RT @EduardKukan: PM @Zoran_Zaev just concluded his speech to the #EPlenary which resulted in standing ovations by MEPs. My full support to #Macedonia and it's path towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

RT @Europarl_Photo: At start of #EPlenary members have observed a minute's silence for the victims of the Greek wildfires, the Genoa bridge collapse and Calabria floods. Parliament stands close to all those affected by these tragedies.

RT @RobertaMetsola: #HappeningNow: Will be live on @NETTVmalta @netnewsmalta in a couple of minutes to discuss my speech in #EPlenary #MigrationEU and proposals to have disembarkation locations in third countries. Tune In #Malta

RT @VoteWatchEurope: Which political group was the most cohesive one during the latest #EPlenary? 🧐🇪🇺 The answer is @GreensEP! 🥇 The @TheProgressives were also very united. 🥈 Check out our full report to discover what decisions #MEPs have made 👉

RT @TheProgressives: Inspiring message today in #EPlenary by @JuanManSantos . "Without peace, no society can achieve growth. Europe has been an example for peace, and this example needs to keep lighting the way for humanity. Only peace can counteract nationalism, racism, populism and intolerance"

RT @TheProgressives: RT @TheProgressives: Press conference with @UdoBullmann on our priorities for this #EPlenary now live!⬇️…

Intervjuas av @sr_ekot om de viktiga asylreformerna som vi just klubbat i genom i #EPlenary. Framsteg i att bekämpa irreguljär #migration utan att underminera asylrätten. @EP-Sverige @nya_moderaterna #alltidfrånordtillhandling #eupol

RT @EPInstitutional: RT @EPInstitutional: Press release: #EPlenary approves new funding rules for European political parties and foundations:…