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Vice Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament. International relations. Global security. Russia. Baltic States. China. EU. NATO. e-Government.

RT @Candystripe180: @georgegalloway Best world cup in my 52 years of life. Well done to Russia on staging a spectacular tournament and ramming all the negative press surrounding their wonderful country back down the throats of those who doubted them.

RT @Partisangirl: Recall: #Israel has threatened to Attack #Russia if it defends #Syria in the past. It's no surprise they would shoot down a #Russia-n Jet while bombing Latakia.…

RT @Lindsey35791: RT @Lindsey35791: War With Russia? Is This Really What They Want?… via @SputnikInt

RT @WestmonsterUK: MEDDLING: Now it emerges George Soros 'donated £700k to stop Brexit', yesterday it was £400k. These Russia/Brexit conspiracy theories are looking more and more stupid by the day!…

RT @CFBranchCPB: RT @CFBranchCPB: Wednesday's Morning Star :: Russia warns it will respond if US bombs Damascus -……

RT @disruptivesigna: RT @disruptivesigna: "US sanctions six Russia-flagged vessels, 4 companies & 2 individuals - Treasury"… #news #feedly

RT @disruptivesigna: John Wight: "The timing is clear, suddenly we're getting these stories to discredit Russia" @RT_com @JohnWight1 ➡️

RT @disruptivesigna: "Ex-defense sec labels Russia, China “murderous regimes” – but George Galloway is having none of it"… #headlines #noticias #news #nouvelles #notizia #Новости #berita #news @georgegalloway

RT @spectatorindex: RT @spectatorindex: MEDIA: Lion riding in passenger seat of a car in Chechnya, Russia