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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Labour MP for Leicester West. If you’re a resident and need my help please ring 0116 204 4980 or email

RT @LabourPartySN: @SharonHodgsonMP @jordanBhall Mate! You’re looking fit as a fiddle. All that running is doing you no harm at all ;) Hope to see you on the #labourdoorstep soon!

RT @CrimeStopperVic: Can you help solve this fuel theft from Wednesday, 22 August 2018? If you’re from #Geelong or #LittleRiver, please retweet! More info >>

Angélique Delahaye (EU) tweeted :

You’re right @KarenSerres1 i agree

RT @GargiRawat: ‘If you’re talking about dynastic politics, I’ll be the first to resign if this is an issue, but then others should to’ @yadavtejashwi #NDTVYuva

RT @ToryFibs: @netanyahu Says the man who uttered these disgraceful words. You’re a disgrace to Israelis. No wonder the vast majority of them refuse to vote for you.…

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @bonang_m :

RT @bonang_m: You’re a parasite. A scum bag. A disgusting example of the filth I have to deal with on a daily basis. You know nothing about the industry you claim to work in... Die slow! Your mess ends today! @philmphela

@dunvirkin @CoopwrJ @tieaknotinit @richardhills777 I have said nothing in the claims you’re referring to is based on fact or the basis of my family’s refugee case. Repeatedly. And that this all happend after the dude got mad at my opposition to white supremacists & blocking him, then he launched this. You’re getting no refuting.

RT @boehmerB: Jason Kenney’s critics over the last 2 years: you’re being foolish campaigning to kill the carbon tax when Ottawa will just impose one anyway.…

RT @MeganVeck: If you’re looking for a new podcast to fill your time now that the House has risen for the summer, start here 👇🏻#caliphate…

It’s Scams Awareness Month! Make sure you’re in the know when it comes to spotting a scam @AgainstScams #Don’tMissATrick be #ScamAware