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RT @polishodyssey: #OTD in 1940, the #USSR began the second #WWII mass deportation of #Polish citizens from eastern Polish borderlands occupied by the Soviets on Sept.17, 1939. Polish civilians were deported by the USSR in four waves that occurred from Feb. 10, 1940 through mid-June 1941.

RT @polishodyssey: #OTD in 1941, the #USSR began the fourth series of deportations of the #Polish population during #WWII. Lasting into June 1941, this deportation was an ethnic cleansing campaign that targeted “anti-Soviet elements” from regions annexed by the USSR.

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RT @AJC_CE: #OTD in 1943 Jewish prisoners of the death camp at #Treblinka launched a revolt attacking German and Ukrainian guards. 300 inmates escaped, but only 100 survived the massive SS manhunt. We honor the courage of those who rebelled and remember the 800K who were murdered. #Zakhor!