All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @eu_near: EU-Commissioner @JHahnEU delivers a keynote speech at the 2nd #EU-#WesternBalkans #Media Days. Follow it via LIVESTREAM👉 #EUWBmedia

RT @JHahnEU: President @JunckerEU in his State of the Union address: “We must find unity when it comes to the #WesternBalkans – once and for all. Should we not, our immediate neighbourhood will be shaped by others.” Follow the #SOTEU LIVE👉

RT @eu_near: In case you missed it: Watch the joint #PressConference following todays informal meeting of the #WesternBalkans Prime Ministers in🇦🇱#Durres📺👉 More infos👉

RT @EC_AVService: 🎥Arrival and doorstep by HRVP @FedericaMog and arrival of Commissioner @JHahnEU at the #WesternBalkans Leaders' Summit | Video:!jj49ju