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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Labour MP for Leicester West. If you’re a resident and need my help please ring 0116 204 4980 or email

RT @bouffpaki: You gotta find a girl with similar halal-haram ratio cuz imagine you’re living life snorting cocaine n sippin lean and your girl pulls out a ham sandwich wallahi I’d flip out astaghfirullah

RT @zone5aviation: Love this. You’re not allowed to make money in this country without harassment, and now you’re not allowed to lose money either 😂…

RT @dhume: @ImranKhanPTI Kashmiris deserve empathy. But while you’re at it please also spare a thought for Pakistan’s Ahmadiyyas and Shia Hazaras slaughtered for their faith, Sindhi Hindu girls abducted at will, and Christians lynched for alleged blasphemy. Thanks.

RT @Imamofpeace: RT @Imamofpeace: Everyone appears Far-Right when you’re too far on the Left.

RT @Imamofpeace: In Islam, you’re not allowed to fast if you’re travelling, ill, etc. - and you make up for the missed days before next Ramadan. Spying on Muslims who eat during Ramadan is wrong. Maybe they have an excuse for not fasting? These reports result in lashes.…