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Vice Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament. International relations. Global security. Russia. Baltic States. China. EU. NATO. e-Government.


Sindaco di Borgosesia (VC), Pro Sindaco di Varallo (VC). Deputato Lega Nord al Parlamento europeo. Membro Comm. Industria e Agricoltura e Delegazione UE-Russia.

RT @davidfrum: Today in Trump: 1) Report that CIA pulled spy from Russia because it distrusted POTUS 2) Twitter cancellation of fantasy summit with Taliban 3) $17.2 million to subsidize Scottish airport essential to Trump golf resort 4) Twitter 4-parter about African American ingratitude

RT @anneapplebaum: RT @anneapplebaum: And here's the list of journalists murdered in Russia……

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RT @JoeNBC: GOP members celebrate a man under investigation for engaging in a conspiracy with KGB agents so Russia can meddle in American democracy. I would say the Republican Party is sick but it is already dead politically—even if it doesn’t know it.…

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RT @BenSasse: This is a sad day. General Mattis was giving advice POTUS needs to hear. Mattis rightly believes that Russia & China are adversaries, and that we are at war with jihadists across the globe who plot to kill Americans. Isolationism is a weak strategy that will harm Americans...