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RT @Bhikkubodhi: RT @Bhikkubodhi: Well that’s started well......…

RT @Lindsey35791: @TheStruggleUK @talkRADIO @georgegalloway I never thought I’d set an alarm to listen to a radio show but that’s exactly what I do. It’s so worth it!! I’ll be getting my old tapes out next 😂

RT @Jordan_SP1: @tigerfish4 @georgegalloway No, but that’s not the point. I support the recall petition because the people of Peterborough do not have an MP representing their interests anymore (was jailed for a month) - she won under the Labour banner & is now independent. Only fair to let them decide accordingly.

RT @ToryFibs: 2. Polls show Labour have lost 2 million Leaver voters since 2017. That’s not all. We’ve been losing leave voters for 15 years. If you examine closely, it’s almost wholly working class voters. You know, the class we were founded to represent?

RT @sahouraxo: Very troubling. Clouds of tear gas engulf Russia’s Moscow today. Oh no wait... That’s actually Paris, France. Nothing to see here, move along 🤗 #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes

RT @rahaf84427714: Saudi news said I was living in Kuwait, but that’s wrong I live in Saudi Arabia and this is the proof My Saudi university card (Ha’il university)