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RT @jdmccafferty: 27 May 669: St. Theodore of Tarsus arrives in #England #otd aged 67 to take up his duties as Archbishop of #Canterbury (Ealdgyth/Antiochan) Consecrated at #Rome in 668 only after the shaven-headed monk's hair had grown out & then could be tonsured in the western style

RT @BeattieDoug: #OTD 1st May 1769 that great Irishman, soldier, politician and Prime Minister - Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington - was born in Dublin. #IrishSoldiers

RT @DanielJHannan: Buddy Holly died #OTD 60 years ago. It inspired the greatest threnody of the late 20th century. Whole websites are dedicated to decoding its references, but I hear it simply as a poem of loss and despair, a modern Dover Beach.…

RT @CanMusHistory: #OTD Ten years ago tonight @georgesstpierre won the first @ufc championship between two reigning champions. His belt will now be held in our national collection; a unique piece of sports history. #gsp #ufc #canhistory