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RT @DanielJHannan: Three years ago #OTD, we voted to become an independent country. If you had told me then that, three years on, our leaders would have kept us in the EU, I wouldn’t have believed you.

RT @PremierRP_en: #OTD Communists brutally murdered Witold #Pilecki. To this day, we are looking for his remains. Let's pay tribute to his memory. Share his incredible story!

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RT @HistoryTime_: Queen Elizabeth ( Born #OTD in 1926 ) is a woman who wears many hats, figuratively. But she is also literally a woman who wears many hats, having worn an estimated 5,000 (!!) in the past 50 years.

RT @rgpoulussen: RT @rgpoulussen: #OTD in 1945. The Express cartoonist Giles sketching as Cromwell tank crewmen work on their vehicles. #WW2 #HISTORY https:…

RT @Poland: #OTD in 2010, a special Tu-154M plane crashed near Smolensk, with 🇵🇱President Lech Kaczyński and First Lady Maria Kaczyńska on board, killing all 96 passengers. During the following days millions of Poles took to the streets to pay tribute to them. ▶️…

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RT @HistoryTime_: #OTD in 1962: Bob Dylan releases his first album, Bob Dylan, for Columbia Records.  The recording cost of album was $402.

RT @JohnnyMercerUK: OTD in 1988 Cpls Derek Wood and David Howes were lynched by a mob in Belfast. One of the most horrific killings of the troubles; their killers were released under GFA. It’s a painful watch, but necessary to understand why recent developments are so wrong.

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RT @HistoryTime_: Simon And Garfunkel recorded “The Sound Of Silence” #OTD in 1964. It was originally a flop, which led to the breakup of the duo. A year later a Columbia record producer remixed electric instruments and drums and rereleased the song. It became a huge hit worldwide. (duo reunite)