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RT @Esteesians: #OTD 1803 STC writes to Southey: “When I cease to love Truth best of all things, and Liberty the next best, may I cease to live: for as far as anything can be called probable in a subject so dark, it seems to me most probable that our immortality is ... a work of our own hands.”

RT @jdmccafferty: RT @jdmccafferty: 28 May 1588: the first ships of the #Spanish Armada leave #Lisbon #otd

RT @jdmccafferty: 27 May 669: St. Theodore of Tarsus arrives in #England #otd aged 67 to take up his duties as Archbishop of #Canterbury (Ealdgyth/Antiochan) Consecrated at #Rome in 668 only after the shaven-headed monk's hair had grown out & then could be tonsured in the western style

RT @BeattieDoug: #OTD 1st May 1769 that great Irishman, soldier, politician and Prime Minister - Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington - was born in Dublin. #IrishSoldiers