All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @VincentTriest: If the President of Albania will be successfully sacked, Albania will have no functioning: -Presidency -Constitutional Court -Supreme Court -Parliamental opposition -Supreme Audit (KLSH) -Special structure against corruption and crime (SPAK, delayed to start functioning)

RT @VincentTriest: The communist party of Albania said it will participate in the local elections in the end of this month. "We are fighting against the capitalist enemies" the party leader said, while his colleague poured us some Coca-Cola. #Albania

RT @VincentTriest: Highly unusual day in Albania: 1. Annoucement by gov to impeach President Meta 2. Wiretape leaked on PM Rama 3. Opposition leader Basha informed by gov of being in danger 4. Opposition leader didn’t appear today at Prosecutors office to explain alledged Russian lobby donations

RT @VincentTriest: RT @VincentTriest: 100nds of Police officers are tasked to protect Rama during his election rally in Shkodër (North of Albania). https://t.…

RT @VincentTriest: Assassination attempt carried out with AK-47 rifles in Durrës, Albania. The two persons in the Range Rover survived the attack.

RT @VincentTriest: Only 21,6% of all people in Albania voted according to electoral voting comission. According to the opposition, this is even lower (15%). Either way, this is the election with the lowest turn out ever in #Albania.

RT @VincentTriest: The chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee @RepEliotEngel got his own street in Albania. He is accompanied by President @ilirmetazyrtar.

RT @VincentTriest: Extreme road rage caught on camera in Albania, after an Albanian restaurant owner attacked a group of Spanish tourists.

Katja Leikert (unbekannt) tweeted :

Strong sign of support for #NorthMacedonia and #Albania after disappointing outcome of the European Council two weeks ago. Even if the official process can currently not make progress, pur relations will continue to deepen.…

@gjeraqina Is the decoupling of #Macedonia & #Albania the easyer or more difficult option to reach a #EUCO consensus, according to your sources?