All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Peston: It’s done. Labour has instructed its MPs tonight to block @BorisJohnson’s attempt on Monday to have 12 Dec election. So @BorisJohnson will shelve the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. He will cancel the budget. There will be no government worth the name. Parliament will become...

RT @eucopresident: Following PM @BorisJohnson’s decision to pause the process of ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, and in order to avoid a no-deal #Brexit, I will recommend the EU27 accept the UK request for an extension. For this I will propose a written procedure.

RT @10DowningStreet: RT @10DowningStreet: PM @BorisJohnson’s joint statement with Taoiseach Varadkar.

RT @Conservatives: ✔️ Investing in our NHS. ✔️ Tackling violent crime. ✔️ Out of the EU by October 31st. RT if you back @BorisJohnson’s strong leadership 👇