All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @dcb_dbc: The artist Tom Thomson died in Algonquin Park, Ontario, #OTD 1917. The verdict at the inquest was "death by accidental drowning." The hurried nature of the inquest, however, left many questions unanswered. 📷@LibraryArchives

RT @labour_history: #OTD 2002. Tax Credits Act. 5.75m families are made eligible for a top up to their wages. The average family is said to be £1200 better off, while the poorest up to £2400. Brown hails it the biggest reform to welfare since Beveridge

RT @FrenchHist: #OTD 1815 The Battle of Waterloo results in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher forcing him to later abdicate the throne of France for the second and last time.

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1994. Labour's John Smith suffers a heart attack and dies suddenly aged just 55. Having been ahead by 20% in the polls, he was expected to lead the party to victory at the 1997 election. A look back at his leadership

RT @SWR2Archivradio: #OTD 1945: BBC vermeldet Hitlers Tod - als kurze Meldung über den Song „White Cliffs of Dover“ von #VeraLynn. So klang das. Lynn ist übrigens heute 103 J. alt und hat kürzlich ein Corona-Spendenaufruf-Video veröffentlicht.…

RT @PARLYapp: OTD 1945 the prime minister Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons, “which has proved itself the strongest foundation for waging war that has ever been seen in the whole of our long history”.

RT @AWgovPL: #OTD 8 maja 1945 r. o godzinie 23:01 czasu środkowoeuropejskiego w kwaterze Marszałka Żukowa w gmachu szkoły saperów w dzielnicy Karlshorst w Berlinie została podpisana bezwarunkowa kapitulacja nazistowskich Niemiec. #historia #secondworldwar

RT @JJTriffitt: §1. The German Reich is a republic. State sovereignty resides with the people. #otd in 1919, President Friedrich Ebert signs the constitution of the Weimar Republic into law while on holiday in the Thuringian town of Schwarzburg. #weimar100 🇩🇪

RT @MarkFoxNews: Just before midnight #OTD in 1805 Lt John Lapenotière arrived in London. He had travelled 271 miles from Falmouth with 21 changes of horses in 37hrs to give his despatch to the Secretary of the Navy, “Sir, we have gained a great victory. But we have lost Lord Nelson”

RT @wrkclasshistory: #OtD 20 February 1895, African-American abolitionist and advocate for women's rights who escaped slavery Frederick Douglass died in Washington DC aged 77 #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth