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RT @Imamofpeace: Turkey's president said that all he wants is to be like hitler. Hitler: A murderer and depressive hypochrondriac with deformed genitals. His top physician fed him 80 drugs a day, including rat poison, amphetamines, bull semen, morphine & powdered cocaine.…

RT @ForChange_Now: Turkey's offensive strengthens Assad and Putin. This is the worst time for the UK to leave the EU, weakening our relationship with European allies when we need to work together

RT @KlasfeldReports: BREAKING: Federal prosecutors want to fine Turkey's state-run Halkbank every day that they dodge prosecution in connection with a record-breaking money-laundering scheme. Penalty starts at $1 million and doubles each day they no-show. cc: @CourthouseNews

RT @business: RT @business: LIVE: Donald Trump and Turkey's President Erdogan address the press after meeting earlier today ▶️…

RT @HillelNeuer: Day 4 of Turkey's invasion of Syria: 60 injured 119 killed 100,000 forced to flee U.N. Human Rights Council still silent: 0 resolutions 0 urgent sessions 0 commissions of inquiry Why, @mbachelet?…

RT @trtworld: There's been a surge in fake news about Turkey's #OperationPeaceSpring. An ABC news report claiming Turkey is 'bombing Kurd civilians' is just the latest example

AK Gençlik (turkey) retweeted @Akparti :

RT @Akparti: President @RTErdogan: Is Turkey's membership of Nato? Member of. Are almost all of the member states of the European Union a member of NATO? Member of. Since when have terrorist organizations being defended against the NATO member? #TurkeyFightsTerrorism

RT @eu_near: #Turkey's illegal drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean: @EUCouncil adopts conclusions👉

RT @EUCouncilPress: The @EUCouncil adopted conclusions on #Turkey's illegal drilling activities in the #EastMed. ➡ The Council reaffirms its full solidarity with Cyprus Read the conclusions 👇

RT @dutchturksNL: When Turkey took in 500k Kurds fleeing Iraq in the 90's Turkey's president with Kurdish roots Turgut Özal recalls asking western human rights advocates to take in half of 36.000 Kurdish refugees. They didn't want to take 1 Kurd. Today Turkey hosts 200k Syrian Kurdish refugees.