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Vice Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament. International relations. Global security. Russia. Baltic States. China. EU. NATO. e-Government.


Sindaco di Borgosesia (VC), Pro Sindaco di Varallo (VC). Deputato Lega Nord al Parlamento europeo. Membro Comm. Industria e Agricoltura e Delegazione UE-Russia.

RT @sahouraxo: RT @sahouraxo: Meanwhile in Russia... Putin visits #coronavirus patients on the frontline.

RT @CelebratingFilm: Watching From Russia With Love (1963) again just renewed my love for this #JamesBond gem. Still my favourite of the Connery era, and for sure a top 5 Bond film, with some great scenes, such as that brutal train fight with Robert Shaw, wonderfully edited, choreographed & executed!

RT @HauntedGenius: RT @HauntedGenius: . CNN literally just said that Russia ◽◽ is the reason BERNIE is the frontrunner. I kid you not! #Bernie2020 #NevadaCauc…

RT @sahouraxo: If these protests were happening in Russia, Venezuela or Iran, rather than #Paris, #France today, they’d be the top story in corporate media worldwide, and front page news in every Western paper. #pompiers #PompiersEnColère #greve28janvier

RT @theEUpost: #Italy🇮🇹 SWG poll, 20 March-12 April: 🔴Friendly countries: - 🇨🇳China 52% - 🇷🇺Russia 32% - 🇺🇸USA 17% 🔴 Enemy countries: - 🇩🇪Germany 45% - 🇫🇷France 38% - 🇬🇧UK 17% - 🇺🇸USA 16%

RT @radicaldaily: Apr 3 1917 - Lenin arrives at the Finland Station returning to Russia during the Revolution. Pravda report:… (OS Date)

RT @disruptivesigna: [RT America] @georgegalloway Anti-Russia hysteria emerges after Iran plane crash – Galloway #rtAmerica… via @PodcastAddict

RT @spectatorindex: Deaths attributed to alcohol, 2016. China: 709,000 India: 332,000 Russia: 223,000 Brazil: 97,000 US: 90,000 Vietnam: 79,000 Ukraine: 78,000 Germany: 62,000 France: 51,800 Mexico: 49,000 (The Lancet)

RT @spectatorindex: Share of global carbon emissions. China: 28% US: 15% India: 6% Russia: 5% Japan: 4% Germany: 2% South Korea: 2% Iran: 2% Canada: 2% Saudi Arabia: 2% Brazil: 1% Mexico: 1% Australia: 1% Indonesia: 1% South Africa: 1% UK: 1% Italy: 1% Turkey: 1% France: 1% Poland: 1% (IEA)