All deleted tweets from politicians

Dr. Hedy Fry (Liberal) retweeted @gmbutts :

RT @gmbutts: RT @gmbutts: Well that’s an interesting version of recent history. Is he saying their attack were censored?

And that’s the nun of it

Soy. ☕️ No fries with that. That’s how we roll in #IslandBay 💛🖤 #Wellington #LoveLocal #Betsy #PaulEagle❤️Rongotai

@Davidmcconnell4 Yep that’s why is called an infectious disease

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @lynbrownmp :

RT @lynbrownmp: RT @lynbrownmp: @Redstarales @Bill_Esterson If Bill says it good - that’s good enough for me! Is that Waterloo London - if it is......

RT @SEATofficial: There’s nothing more important to us than your safety. That’s why we’re asking you to stay home and stay safe. And before you know it, we’ll be back to move you again. Because, together, we can beat this.#SEAThome ➡️

RT @DrPhillipLee: RT @DrPhillipLee: We could have been ready for #COVID19. That’s what makes me so angry about this Government’s mishandling of this pandemic…

RT @MilesBriggsMSP: Scots help out fellow Scots when they are facing tough times. That’s just how Scotland works and that’s exactly what we are all going to have to do.…

@ewnreporter That’s also not Gana

RT @IlhanMN: RT @IlhanMN: We must lead with love sis, even when others don’t. That’s the only way forward.