All deleted tweets from politicians

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) retweeted @CNBC :

RT @CNBC: President Vladimir Putin declared a state of emergency on Thursday in Russia after a massive oil spill in the Arctic Circle.

RT @HMAMichaelAron: The recent spillage of 20,000 tonnes of fuel in Russia is causing massive environmental damage in Siberia. The SAFER tanker in Yemen has 150,000 tonnes of crude which would devastate the Red Sea and its coast if it leaked. The Houthis must allow the UN to tackle the issue.

RT @StewartMcDonald: 🏳️‍🌈🇷🇺This week I’m hosting 2 activists from Russia •Soldado Koval, a trans activist who fled Russia after threats & violence from neo-Nazis •Svetlana Zakharova from ⁦@rulgbtnet⁩ - which helped rescue victims of anti-LGBT pogroms in Chechnya…

RT @HuffPostUK: Tory MP @IoWBobSeely says now is the time for the government to be more hawkish on China, as it was with Russia after the Salisbury poisonings. Listen to the podcast now:

RT @elisabethbraw: In 2015-2019 the UK was not among the world's five largest arms exporters -- those places were taken by the US, Russia, France, Germany and China. Depending on one's perspective, the UK's absence from the Top 5 is good or bad. Either way, it's notable.