All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ipngovpl_eng: War hero, film maker and adventurer – all rolled into one – that was Merian Cooper❗ #OTD 127 years ago #MerianCooper 🇺🇸 was born, an American pilot, who volunteered for the #PolishArmy 🇵🇱. Founded Polish 7 Air Escadrille, he fought against the #RedArmy in the #PolishSoviet war.

RT @Poland_MOD: #OTD 86 years ago Capt Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura on the RWD-6 🇵🇱 plane won 🎆 the biggest interwar sport aviation event called #Challenge. We commemorate their victory on August 28 and celebrate the #PolishAviationDay🇵🇱. This year is special : #POLAF100 1918-2018