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Maires de grandes villes, parlementaires de tous horizons, ONG... appellent au boycott du G20 à Riyad. 2 ans après la mort de #Khashoggi et alors que bcp de militantes féministes sont en prison, ne pas transiger pour les droits humains. #Arabie #MBS 👉…

RT @KGeorgieva: I welcome #G20’s decision to extend the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) and agreement on a Common Framework to ensure all creditors do their part to alleviate unsustainable debt burdens in low-income developing countries.

RT @CAFOD: G20 finance ministers meeting today failed to #CancelTheDebt. G20 says “disappointed by absence of progress of private creditors’ participation”. Time for #G20 to step in and compel private creditors to cancel debts of developing countries. See briefing➡️…

Carlo Sibilia (italia) tweeted :

Condivido pienamente l'idea promossa dal Ministro @luigidimaio di organizzare il G20 a #Matera nel giugno 2021! Lavoriamo per far conoscere al mondo quanta la bellezza esprime il nostro Paese.

RT @muniralam: RT @muniralam: @sureshpprabhu Great speech Sir! I am sure you will ensure dovetailing our priorities into the global objectives of G20.

I attended the @g20org Tourism Ministers Meeting of #G20SaudiArabia to discuss cooperation between the G20 and business community on the recovery of travel and #tourism - and how we can maximise the tourism sector's contribution to inclusive and sustainable development.

We focussed on the need of renewable energy and encouraged G20 members to enhance their renewable energy strategies considering national circumstances, needs and priorities for implementation and encourage increased investment and financing in renewable energy production.

Suresh Prabhu (india) tweeted :

Took part in the Third G20 SherpasVirtual Meeting on the 2nd marathon day.We are committed to safeguarding our planet from degradation through sustainable consumption and production managing natural resources and taking urgent actions and building a more inclusive future for all

Suresh Prabhu (india) tweeted :

Took part in the Third #G20 Sherpas' Virtual Meeting which reflects the collective actions taken by the G20 in tackling the impacts of the #Covid-19 pandemic and strong foundations for strong and inclusive growth of everyone.

RT @CancilleriaARG: El canciller @felipe_sola participó de la reunión de Ministros de Comercio e Inversión del #G20 en donde expresó la necesidad imperiosa de promover la cooperación internacional y el multilateralismo frente al impacto mundial de la pandemia. 🔗…