All deleted tweets from politicians

Edgar Mulder (Fractievoorzitter pvv) retweeted @SBANYPD :

RT @SBANYPD: That’s a FACT. Trump immediately offered support as he always did to the NYPD for many years. @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

“We are here for the storm that’s storming because what’s taken matters.”

RT @darrengrimes_: RT @darrengrimes_: Boris Johnson confirms we’re leaving the EU without a deal! That’s it – we’re out! ◽◽

RT @toadmeister: This is the religious cult that’s sweeping through Britain’s schools, universities, media companies, tech companies, arts organisations, charities, financial services companies, the Civil Service... It’s like a protracted form of mass hysteria.…

Ged Killen (UKMPs) retweeted @_CaitLogan :

RT @_CaitLogan: I was 13. In hindsight I did/thought very gay things as young as 10 but didn’t realise that’s what that it was (e.g. fast forwarding to watch scenes in film/TV with women I clearly liked for their appearance and being pretty secretive about it without really knowing why).

RT @MaltTaster: @KateForbesMSP Well you won’t get the answers you need on Twitter that’s for sure!! If I have an issue I contact my boss. But moan moan & grievance..that’s what the SNP is about. Be an adult, a grown-up politician & contact your counterpart in the Treasury like any sensible person would do.

Every 90 seconds someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, and many depend on support from @MacmillanScot. That’s why I’m supporting people living with cancer by raising a mug for #MacmillanCoffeeMorning #RaiseAMug

RT @tradegovuk: We want all of the UK to benefit from the economic growth that international trade brings. That’s why we are launching a trade hub in Edinburgh designed to help Scottish businesses prosper. It will bring export and investment support, expert advice and better access to @UKEF

RT @NicoleBCDuncan: Affordable housing is a huge priority for @bcgreens. That’s why we are committing to a Renter’s Housing Grant that helps out low- to moderate-income households pay their rent. #bcpoli #bcelxn2020 #vanre #affordablehousing…