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RT @Montecitorio: Priorità Presidenza italiana del #G20, in Commissione #Esteri audizione dell'ambasciatore della Repubblica di #Turchia in Italia, Murat Salim Esenli. Diretta:… @TC_Roma #OpenCamera

Mirella Liuzzi (italia) tweeted :

#Matera sarà nuovamente protagonista sul palcoscenico internazionale per il meeting del G20 su Esteri e Sviluppo il 28 e 30 giugno 2021. Per la città dei Sassi sarà una grande occasione di rilancio e promozione in una cornice d’eccezione. @MISE_GOV

RT @Montecitorio: Presidenza italiana di turno del #G20, in Commissione #Esteri audizione dell'ambasciatore Pietro Benassi, in qualità di sherpa G7/G20 per @Palazzo_Chigi. Diretta:… #OpenCamera

Great call with @sureshprabhu this morning, India's Sherpa to the G20, talking about #TacklingClimateChange. We both look forward to a close 🇮🇳- 🇬🇧 partnership on all things climate and #COP26, and welcomed the strong #G20 Leaders Declaration at the weekend.

by President @CyrilRamaphosa at the Second Session of the virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit on Building an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Resilient Future

RT @AsianPeoplesMvt: ATTENTION G20: No to Covid Loans, Cancel the Debt @g20org The business of lending continues. But Covid emergency loan packages being peddled will eventually result in greater debt burdens. #G20SaudiArabia #G20 #debt #CancelTheDebt #DebtJustice

📣 Avec @AlbaneGaillot et une vingtaine de collègues, nous appelons au boycott du #G20 organisé par Ryad ✊🏻 En solidarité avec toutes les femmes, dont #LoujaineAlHathloul, enfermées sans jugement ni inculpation depuis des années en #ArabieSaoudite ➡️…

RT @CAFOD: G20 finance ministers meeting today failed to #CancelTheDebt. G20 says “disappointed by absence of progress of private creditors’ participation”. Time for #G20 to step in and compel private creditors to cancel debts of developing countries. See briefing➡️…