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Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels


Lid van het Europees Parlement - VVD/Renew Europe

RT @jeremycorbyn: Boris Johnson isn’t winning any friends in Europe and he’s losing friends at home. His is a government with no mandate,…

RT @ChrisLeslieMP: It’s a scandal that millions of #EUCitizens living in the UK - and British citizens living in Europe - are being left in…

RT @foreignoffice: Travelling to Europe after 29 March? Your access to healthcare may change. Find out what your travel insurance should c…

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

This is appalling. The battle for quality across Europe is far from won. May his dream become a reality in honour of his memory.

RT @Channel4News: As the fireworks mirrored the colours of the EU flag, London's New Year's Eve display had a special message for Europe: "…

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

Brexit is turning Britain into the sick man of Europe. No one voted for this. We need a #PeoplesVote.

Liam Byrne (Labour) retweeted @tenaprelec :

RT @tenaprelec: Call for papers! 22 Oct, Belgrade, @LSEInequalities workshop on Inequality and Social Protection in South East Europe. In c…

Liam (Labour) replied to @LiamByrneMP :

1/. To put beyond doubt a data sharing agreement with Europe, by incorporating Article 8 right to privacy into UK law. It’s works now - why don’t we let it roll on?

Kate Hollern (Labour) tweeted :

Britain has some of the worst income inequality in the world; the 4th highest in Europe. Tory cuts disproportionately impact those with lower incomes and entrench inequality. Labour will invest in the economy to boost productivity, grow the economy and raise living standards.…

Diane Abbott (Labour) tweeted :

Stand up to racisms (@AntiRacismDay) @SabbyDhalu writes for @LabourList on challenging the rise of the far right across Europe