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Everyone’s safety matters. That’s why I wrote to Alan Tudge seeking his assurances on managing the wellbeing of people in immigration facilities. Following medical warnings, the Morrison Govt must guarantee the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people in our care. #auspol

PM Morrison said all the projects were eligible. The independent audit office says that’s not true. #SportsRort…

RT @dwabriz: RT @dwabriz: That’s a lot of dollars

Throughout the bushfire season, the community in the Blue Mountains have shown us the best of Australia. That’s why I chose to deliver my Australia Day address with them today. You can read my speech in full here:…

The @ScottMorrisonMP Government won’t act on climate change. That’s why @AustralianLabor will declare a #ClimateEmergency. #auspol

We’re making child care cheaper. Because that’s more important than handouts to the top end of town.…

That’s what I call a large political crowd . Stunning photo.

@cec1955 Are you saying that’s all try drink in @NolaMarinoMP ‘s electorate @M_McCormackMP ? #auspol

RT @AustralianLabor: Scott Morrison’s Liberals and Nationals and divided, out of touch and only for the top end of town. That’s why Scott Morrison voted down the Banking Royal Commission 26 times, and that’s why he’s responsible for the most savage cuts of this government. #auspol

Business investment has fallen 31.4% under the coalition since 2013 & wage growth is at record lows. That’s a dreadful economic record & explains why Australians don’t buy Morrison’s boastful rhetoric. #qt #auspol