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When friends from @ABVPVoice times who have scaled newer heights in public life visit your home,it’s a great joy!BJP Working Pres @JPNadda visited our Thane home today! Presented him my Work-at-a-Glance 18-19 report!He and Gen Sec @byadavbjp browsed the same with keen interest!

RT @RobertJenrick: In historic #Leominster with @BillWigginMP to celebrate the town winning investment for it’s rich heritage - another par…

@DundeeSNP out on the streets listening & talking about Scotlands Right to Choose it’s own Future & Independence #activesnp @theSNP

The #Newstart is too low. It’s time to #RaiseTheRate

Of course the Health Secretary didn’t know anything about the issues at the new Sick Kids. Why should she? It’s clearly too much to expect the CS to show an interest in the development of a flagship hospital....

teresa pearce (Labour) tweeted :

Just ate a crunchie and it’s no even Friday #amsorocknroll

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

It’s deeply irresponsible to vote for an election without certainty Johnson won’t simply change the date. Opposition parties are working on a strategy to prevent that. The First Minister knows this, but seems to be deliberately trying to undermine it. The SNP cannot he trusted.

2/’s starting to feel like Labour doesn’t want an election at all...and leaving this PM in place knowing he’ll try every trick in book to get what he wants would be irresponsible. Opposition must get Bill through and then seek to force election BEFORE Parliament prorogued

It’s time that the Australian government told it's Indonesian counterpart to withdraw its combat troops from West Papua, to allow the UN Human Rights Commissioner to visit West Papua, and to restore Internet access to West Papuans.