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urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

OTD 1937 4.000 basque children disembarked the SS Havana in Southampton, UK. Basque Country will never thank enough the solidarity of British people during such a difficult time . We honor all who supported them !

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Gaur 47 urte Polisario frontea sortu zen , Mendebaldeko Sahara Askari asmoz. Zorionak @Polisario_ OTD 47 years ago Polisario was formed to liberate Western Sahara. Congrats !

Rachel Reeves (Labour) tweeted :

THREAD: #OTD one hundred years ago, the first speech by a woman in the House of Commons was given by Nancy Astor, MP for Plymouth Sutton between 1919–45. (1/7)

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Jon Paredes “Txiki” was born OTD 66 years ago. After being sentenced to death, he was executed at the age of 21 by a Spanish volunteering Firing Squad.

RT @wrkclasshistory: #OtD 20 February 1895, African-American abolitionist and advocate for women's rights who escaped slavery Frederick Douglass died in Washington DC aged 77 #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth

Happy #UnionDay - #OTD five years ago Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. It is time that vote was respected. @ScotTories will always fight to defend Scotland's place in our family of nations.

RT @JacobitesEdu: #OTD | The Prince moved 2 miles further into the mountain on 5 September 1746 to Cluny's 'Cage' in the face of 'a very rough high rocky mountain called Litir-na-lic which is still a part of Benalder'. #FlightOfBonniePrinceCharlie Map:…

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1997. Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister. “For eighteen long years my Party has been Oppsition. It could only say. It could not do. Today we are charged with the deep responsibility of Government. Today it is enough of talking. It is time now to do”

RT @rgpoulussen: RT @rgpoulussen: #OTD in 1945. The Express cartoonist Giles sketching as Cromwell tank crewmen work on their vehicles. #WW2 #HISTORY https:…

RT @JohnnyMercerUK: OTD in 1988 Cpls Derek Wood and David Howes were lynched by a mob in Belfast. One of the most horrific killings of the troubles; their killers were released under GFA. It’s a painful watch, but necessary to understand why recent developments are so wrong.