All deleted tweets from politicians

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Let never forget #Kristallnacht ! OTD 82 yrs ago. Ez dezagun #Kristallnacht inoiz Arantxita!

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Frank Ryan died OTD 76 years ago. Viva la XV Brigada!

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

OTD 1986 Basque prisoner Kirruli died in a Spanish Gaol due to a lack of medical care. Relatives were ill treated during the memorial

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

OTD 1937 4.000 basque children disembarked the SS Havana in Southampton, UK. Basque Country will never thank enough the solidarity of British people during such a difficult time . We honor all who supported them !

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Gaur 47 urte Polisario frontea sortu zen , Mendebaldeko Sahara Askari asmoz. Zorionak @Polisario_ OTD 47 years ago Polisario was formed to liberate Western Sahara. Congrats !

Rachel Reeves (Labour) tweeted :

THREAD: #OTD one hundred years ago, the first speech by a woman in the House of Commons was given by Nancy Astor, MP for Plymouth Sutton between 1919–45. (1/7)

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Jon Paredes “Txiki” was born OTD 66 years ago. After being sentenced to death, he was executed at the age of 21 by a Spanish volunteering Firing Squad.

Happy #UnionDay - #OTD five years ago Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. It is time that vote was respected. @ScotTories will always fight to defend Scotland's place in our family of nations.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Americans voted leave #OTD 1776. Things seem to have worked out OK for them. Happy #IndependenceDay, cousins.

Chris Hazzard (UKMPs) tweeted :

OTD in 1918 the Irish people voted overwhelmingly for freedom with @sinnfeinireland winning 73 seats from 105 - like #Brexit a century later the Brit Govt cared little for Irish democracy so partitioned the island instead 🇮🇪