All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @bitteham: RT @bitteham: Turkey’s parliament approves military deployment to Libya.

RT @AndrewScheer: Canadians have long been proud to count the Kurds as allies in the fight against ISIS. I condemn Turkey’s attacks against the Kurds in Syria. These attacks will only further destabilize the region and represent a serious threat to international peace and security.

Chris Hazzard (UKMPs) tweeted :

The international community must be united in opposition to the grotesque actions of Turkey’s fascist dictator Erdoğan - Sinn Féin stand shoulder to shoulder with the HDP and embattled Kurdish people ✊🏻

RT @KatiPiri: RT @KatiPiri: Landslide victory for mayor @ekrem_imamoglu - great news for Istanbul & for Turkey’s democracy. Tebrikler!!!

RT @AlMonitor: RT @AlMonitor: Turkey’s state-run news agency under fire for irregular poll coverage during #TurkeyElections2019

RT @KatiPiri: Last night proved that an important pillar of Turkey’s democracy is still alive and kicking. Congrats to voters and election observers! Big Q is whether opposition’s win will be officially acknowledged.

RT @ForeignAffairs: “What is so concerning about Turkey’s global purge is that transnational repression is increasingly woven into the fabric of the international order.”

Shah Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

Turkey’s biggest Nationalist party and President Erdogan’s close ally: Turkey is belong to Turkish people, and it's their homeland. The government needs to launch a fast and safe plan to send Syrian refugees to their country...

RT @MevlutCavusoglu: My article entitled “The Meaning of Operation Olive Branch” published in @ForeignPolicy. “#Turkey’s intervention in #Syria is correcting for America’s flaws and laying the groundwork for a sustainable peace.”…

Very insightful meeting with DPM Akdag and #AFAN president @mgulluoglu to learn about Turkey’s impressive humanitarian agencies. We discussed future UK-Turkey co-operation and the importance of humanitarian assistance and protection in Afrin