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Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels

RT @schalkseruiter: State lead violence seems to be everywhere in this peaceful Europe, not only against Catalans, but als against Spanish farmers, French civilians, Dutch farmers, etc..... #abajolestadopolicial

RT @scotexec: Did you know that the institutionally anglophobic @scotgov is the only administration in Europe to discriminate against other EU citizens in terms of access to education? Which citizens? Why, the *English*, of course.…

RT @scotexec: Exec notes that the Scottish Nationalist Party have the solution to the Irish backstop, which has eluded all Europe for three years, but just won’t tell anyone what it is. @NicolaSturgeon is a shyster.…

RT @GarethBQuinn: @theSNP Further evidence, the number of overseas visitors from Europe up by 22% in the 12 months to the end of September 2018. Spend by European visitors up 7%, to £1.15 billion. 14.3% increase in overseas overnight visits to Scotland. 3.3% increase in overseas tourism expenditure.

RT @AberdeenKusznir: #EUElections2019 last push with the AberDREAM @ScotTories team. My final thoughts on a windy Huntly Street 🎥 👇 #EuropeanElections #Brexit

RT @AberdeenKusznir: #EUElections2019 last push with the AberDREAM @ScotTories team. My final thoughts on a windy Huntly Street 🎥 👇 #EuropeanElections #Brexit

RT @rafaelbehr: RT @rafaelbehr: Rare to see Nicolae Ceausescu offered as an example of ways in which Eastern Europe had the better deal 1945-1989. https://…

RT @ShellenbergerMD: 1. This is the story of how environmentalists from across Europe will — in a wild twist — rally in Munich, Germany this Sunday in support of the continued operation of nuclear plants & against the stigmatization of Europe's largest source of clean energy.…

RT @PeterKGeoghegan: We reveal for 1st time how US Christian right groups spent at least $50 million in Europe over last decade. Their donors are secret but they back ‘armies’ of ultra-conservative lawyers and political activists, campaigns against LGBT rights and have links with Europe’s far right.

RT @UthmaniS: Extremely excited to attend #scvogathering 2019 with my peers from the Children and Young People's Panel on Europe alongside @Feorlean and @cisweb. 👍 to all who helped us come this far allowing our voices to be heard! @CYPCS #Brexit @BarrheadMods @scvotweet @together_sacr