All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @1NikolaMirkovic: OTD 19 years ago, NATO bombed the Serb Radio & TV center of RTS killing 16 employees. What kind of international organisation kills journalists on purpose besides terrorists !? Of course those responsible are still on the run. #NeverForget

RT @HistoryTime_: Jesuit priest Saint Francis Xavier comes ashore at Kagoshima in Japan. #OTD (Traditional Japanese date: July 22, 1549).

RT @holdengraber: 'All you need in life is truth & beauty & you can find both at the Public Library.' ~ Studs Terkel, born #OTD, 1912 thanks to @dean_frey

RT @CanadaNY: RT @CanadaNY: #OTD. 1880: Alexander Graham Bell's brother incorporates Bell Telephone Company of Canada.…