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Zemkopības ministrija / Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia


Sjávarútvegs- og landbúnaðarráðherra / Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture

RT @WandileSihlobo: There is a productivity crisis in Africa's agriculture sector. I'm reading work from ReNAPRI which shows that all regions except for South Africa agricultural growth over the past couple of decades was driven largely by area expansion, while productivity has remained sluggish.

RT @WandileSihlobo: RT @WandileSihlobo: South Africa’s agriculture economy is in recession. I fear we might see more bad data if there’s another drought in mid…

RT @WandileSihlobo: South Africa’s top 10 agriculture export products in 2019 Ranked by value: 1. Oranges 🍊 2. Grapes 🍇 3. Wine 🍷 4. Apples 🍏 5. Wool 6. Sugar 7. Lemons 🍋 8. Mandarins 9. Maize 🌽 10. Macadamia nuts 🥜 (ITC)

RT @WandileSihlobo: Folks, if you want to read about SA Land Reform and Agriculture matters during this 21 days lockdown period. My book — FINDING COMMON GROUND — drops on Kindle on April 1, 2020 It would be good if you can access it & we discuss about it via Periscope.…

RT @WandileSihlobo: RT @WandileSihlobo: Agriculture After the Pandemic. My latest for @ProSyn…

RT @Meer__Langau: FAO report says the losses to agriculture in case of a fresh locust invasion could reach anywhere between Rs205bn and Rs353bn for Rabi crops and Rs464bn for Kharif crops. Aerial anti-pesticide spraying is needed. @jam_kamal @Senator_Baloch @LoveBizenjo143

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

#Teesdale farmers take note. Your MP is happy for agriculture imports produced to lower standards.

RT @1edmountain: Heard from @NicolaSturgeon today that agriculture can start next week. Thank goodness our farmers have been never stopped putting food on our plates.

RT @Rachael2Win: With the right climate change framework, Scottish agriculture has potential to be an exemplar for well-integrated land use strategy that delivers on aims & benefits for the whole of the UK ⁦@PeterChapmanMSP⁩@billabowman⁩ ⁦⁦@fincarson⁩@EdinburghUni⁩

RT @GlobalVision_UK: “Aside from shutting off multilateral trade liberalization possibilities, the amendments to the Agriculture Bill - as sponsored by the NFU - would effectively stop us doing any trade deals, with the EU or anyone else.” @MarcusFysh…