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An archive of public tweets, deleted by politicians in Greece.


Member of the European Parliament for #Greece; @EPPGroup / @ND_Europarl / @EP_Transport @EP_GenderEqual @EP_Justice

RT @LSpyropoulou: Since the refugee crisis begun back in 2015, I visited #Greece ‘s camps dozens of times. Two weeks ago I had the chance to visit the ones in #Turkey at the borders with #Syria I guess I don’t have to explain why I felt ashamed not only as a Greek but also as a European. #Refugees

RT @AgentAvalon: As a Scottish guy living in Greece there are realities I must face. It's likely I will be allowed to stay in Greece but I stand to lose my FoM to the rest of the EU, along with many other priviliges. It will also have negative impacts on my business, rights and even my cat.

RT @AFK103: Astounding how the experience of Ireland, Portugal and Greece among others in the aftermath of the financial crisis brought to them by Germany, the ECB and the Commission has been completely wiped from the Scottish nationalist critique of Europe.…

RT @SCroixFreePress: RT @SCroixFreePress: Greece: Illegal Migrant Arrivals Surge 122 Percent, 7,000 Intercepted on Turkish Border in Last Week…

RT @RegSprecher_AT: Our thoughts are with the victims of the devastating wildfires in Sweden, Latvia and especially Greece that have claimed over 50 deaths. We are grateful and proud of all fire fighters and rescue forces who help in European solidarity to alleviate distress and suffering.

RT @BBCJamesCook: Climate change. It's here. It's catastrophic. This month alone: — '50 dead' in Greece wildfires — Arctic Circle ablaze — Japan heatwave, flooding and landslides kill hundreds — Record temperatures in Algeria, Morocco, Oman — Drought squeezes US lemons 📷 @AFP/@GettyImages

RT @MariaEfimova7: RT @MariaEfimova7: Thank you, Greece!!! And thank you everyone who supported me!!! @DavidCasaMEP @SteliosKoul @AnaGomesMEP @boublis

David Casa (EU) retweeted @MariaEfimova7 :

RT @MariaEfimova7: RT @MariaEfimova7: Thank you, Greece!!! And thank you everyone who supported me!!! @DavidCasaMEP @SteliosKoul @AnaGomesMEP @boublis

RT @MariaEfimova7: Daphne Caruana Galizia's sons are requested to come to Malta, Greece is requested to send me to Malta... Was someone offered a discount on the group murder?…

RT @Giannis_An34: RT @Giannis_An34: This is my country Greece ◽◽