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Diputado distrito 13: San Miguel, PAC, Lo Espejo, El Bosque, San Ramón, La Cisterna. Presidente del Partido Comunista de Chile.


Spokesperson/SA to Prime Minister,Former MNA,Chairman PAC,Member NSC,Chairman RPPC,Tehsil Nazim Malakwal

RT @globalcompact: Right now, it will take 100+ years to achieve #genderequality. The new #WEPs #GenderGap Tool can accelerate the pace

RT @gdebenedetti: RT @gdebenedetti: Whoa: Mike Fernandez, one of Jeb's biggest super PAC donors (gave millions), backs Clinton in a Miami Herald op-ed https:…

RT @TomDunn89: RT @TomDunn89: "OMG @CarolineFlintMP on the PAC, she's like a predator!" - @gavinlambert getting very worked up on Flint…