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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Independent Peer. Ex-Labour MP. Trade Envoy to Israel. Chair @MainstreamUK. Cyclist. Villa fan. If hard left nutters don’t hate you, you’re doing it wrong.

RT @frankieboyle: If you’re a political journalist who has regular contact with people in power, and your analysis is always aligned with prevailing orthodoxy, then you’re not really a journalist, you’re a courtier.

RT @LBGBreakthrough: @redditchrachel @HouseofCommons @Dianedanz @mymenopausedr Great to see you’re raising awareness of such an important topic for all in the workplace - supporting our colleagues is such a key area of focus for us as a Women’s network 👏🏻

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Nigel Farage doesn’t think YOU’RE going to vote. Let’s prove him wrong. Vote REMAIN.

RT @Scott_Creator: @JoPlattMP Thank you Jo for EVERYTHING that you’re doing for the ADHD community & of course of those who might feel less represented. He sounded quite dismissive in his response.

RT @mac_cancerinfo: Today is #WorldCancerDay. If you’re reading this and have been affected by cancer, remember that we’re always here to provide support and information. Share this message help us raise awareness 💚

RT @jamajestical: RT @jamajestical: I’ve had a Porn Star Martini & about 7 vodka and lemonades, you’re god damn right it’s happy hour ◽◽◽xx…

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

Huge congratulations @PJFerguson18. You’re a great champion for your community and I look forward to working with you!…

Lesley Laird (UKMPs) retweeted @Gedk :

RT @Gedk: I think it is shameful for Nicola Sturgeon to pass this nonsense off as an answer. They’re not your children; you’re their First Minister, act like it.…

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

You’re taking children away from their parents and holding them in cages, your country is long gone.…

@Glasgows_girl You’re right. It’s bizarre to talk about tolerance when only one side is seeking to impose something on the other.