All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @johnsifton: The Taliban claims it respects rights and allows education of women and girls—but in many areas, that’s not the case, and across Taliban-held areas, there are few basic rights of freedom of expression or other basic rights. Our important new report:…

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

For all Haters, If my strength intimidates you, I hope you realize that’s a weakness of yours!!! Keep going strong @MaryamNSharif My Mentor, my inspiration, my elder sister, the strongest woman I know.

RT @fispahani: The colour of Islam, Mr. Zhao. That’s why #Pakistan adopted the green color for its flag. And, try and use the word religious instead of “culture and customs” when that’s what you mean... #China…

RT @Razarumi: RT @Razarumi: Almost $6 billion penalty in #RekoDiq case. That’s the size of the IMF deal.…

RT @ShaykhAzhar: RT @ShaykhAzhar: Allah knows. And that’s enough

@Sk3435 @omar_quraishi Ali Zaidi introduces him as the CM. That’s why asking.

RT @abidifactor: I would‘ve accepted the results and congratulated the winner had my polling agents witnessed the counting process. That’s my only objection against ECP. I have demanded to withhold the results of NA243 until this serious violation of the CoC is addressed. #ElectionIrregularities

RT @SathyaRSriram: “I am the voice of the voiceless and a friend of the friendless... that’s my job” @fispahani inspires the crowd @_thehuddle @BloreConnect #TheHuddle2018

@ZahidMansori That’s not true Zahid Bhai. They were all workers of the Tehreek. Please don’t stoop to this level about Karkuns.

Dr. Arif Alvi (pakistan) tweeted :

Nigger hunting license used to be given in Missouri circa 1922. That’s not too long ago. Rest of the world including the Middle East was far more civilised. کبھی کے دن بڑے اور کبھی کی راتیں