All deleted tweets from politicians

@t_casson That’s what I mean by “absolutely fluently”. There are some words that are mild in Peru but shocking on the peninsula, and vice versa. I will sometimes swear among Peruvians; never among Spaniards.

RT @Nikkipage44: No, Brexit isn’t killing Britain. It’s the refusal to deliver Brexit that’s turned politics inside out. Great article from ⁦@DanielJHannan⁩ Hannan…

RT @MorrisseyHelena: RT @MorrisseyHelena: @Steven_Swinford @DCBMEP So he doesn’t believe his party could beat @Labour in a GE? That’s not a good look if you wan…

RT @mollygiles2015: The idea that these results look like this because ‘we haven’t passed May’s deal yet and that’s why people are angry’ is the most Westminster bubble idea ever. Do Westminster Conservatives honestly believe if we pass May’s deal this will right itself?…

@ronandub That’s great but the Leave promised & negotiated are very different. People voted Leave for many reasons & the Leave campaign didn’t say it would be without a deal. Why should the public decide?

RT @Global_Witness: Three years after @ICIJorg first published the Panama Papers, a massive $1.2 billion 💵 has been recovered . That’s a blow to crooks worldwide, but for taxpayers it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 🎁

@KarlBrophy No, Karl. The UK has not agreed to it. Agreement would be expressed in a, you know, Agreement. That’s precisely what the row is about.

RT @dvddnh: @DarraghOBrienTD @lukeming Are you kidding? He’s a very active MEP. I’ll presume you’re being facetious, because if not… that’s very worrying.

Derek Vaughan MEP (EU) tweeted :

This analysis estimates Wales would receive over 700m euros in structural funds if we stayed in the EU! That’s a lot of money to throw away!

RT @guyverhofstadt: Macron and Merkel now fully back a European army. That’s great news! I explained why we need it at the #ALDECongress in Madrid. Watch my intervention👇