All deleted tweets from politicians

Ian Austin (Labour) tweeted :

The Today Programme has got a French MP from Macron’s party and Bernard Jenkin MP on at 8.10. That’s going to dial down the rhetoric, help with the diplomacy and bring the talks to an easier conclusion!

Wow that’s some constituency, l am off to Berlin to hold a constituents MPs surgery, l will be back in a few days ◽◽

@ButtonBenjGeek That’s a matter for you . I am merely identifying the realities of politics post December 2020 election.

RT @BellRibeiroAddy: Borders should never be a barrier to love and you can’t put a pricetag on family life. But that’s exactly what the minimum income requirement does to people. We should scrap it and ensure no families are forced to live apart by arbitrary salary thresholds #ScrapMIR

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) replied to @_canndo :

@_canndo That’s all you’ll ever get from me Tee...

RT @mylondonpower: Over 1,000,000 London households struggle to pay their energy bills. It’s time for action. That’s why @MayorOfLondon is introducing #LondonPower. We're a fairly-priced energy company with 100% green electricity, just for Londoners ⚡ Sign up at

Ian Austin (Labour) replied to @ppryan1 :

@ppryan1 That’s fine. Let me have your name and address so I can take you off the list you cowardly anonymous troll.

RT @AFK103: RT @AFK103: The cybernat pain is going to be strong with this one. That’s my half time reading sorted for today.…

Ian Austin (Labour) tweeted :

Hold your nose to ignore the stench of the racism that’s poisoned the party

Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour) tweeted :

Oh my, Oliver!! That’s an appalling comparison to make. People turned up freely to vote how they wanted last night. It’s called democracy. You win some, you lose some.