All deleted tweets from politicians



An archive of public tweets, deleted by politicians in Greece.


Member of the European Parliament for #Greece; @EPPGroup / @ND_Europarl / @EP_Transport @EP_GenderEqual @EP_Justice

RT @RedHotSquirrel: RT @RedHotSquirrel: Youth unemployment: 46.6% Greece 39.3% Spain 34.0% Italy 23.7% Portugal 21.7% France 20.4% Finland 18.2% Slovakia 18.0…

RT @CjvHenderson: RT @CjvHenderson: Message on the back of a menu in a taverna on Naxos #Greece #Naxos

RT @Samfr: RT @Samfr: Amused by one-line letter in TES: "Why doesn't Greece just apply to become an Academy?"