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Wages are at record lows and now the Liberals say that’s a “deliberate” part of their economic strategy ◽‍♂️ #auspol

Half a billion of taxpayers’ dollars. That’s what Peter Dutton’s Department spent on entertainment and office furniture for executives... in a single year. It’s simply unacceptable.

The Australian way is to stand by a mate in need. That’s why multicultural #melbswest wants to show its solidarity with farmers in regional and rural Australia suffering from devastating drought by supporting the Buy a Bale campaign:

There’s nothing more important than the health of you and your family. That’s why I’ll always put hospitals and banks ahead of tax handouts for the banks.

TAFE plays an essential part of skilling and educating Australians. That’s why I support a 70 percent funding guarantee for the TAFE sector. Sign our petition to say ‘no’ to TAFE cuts at @AustralianLabor #auspol #mycalwell #thisislabor #stoptafecuts

“Basket weavers”. That’s what the Liberals really thinks of people who go to TAFE to learn a trade. What a joke.…