All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Montecitorio: Presidenza italiana di turno del #G20, in Commissione #Esteri audizione dell'ambasciatore Pietro Benassi, in qualità di sherpa G7/G20 per @Palazzo_Chigi. Diretta:… #OpenCamera

RT @AsianPeoplesMvt: ATTENTION G20: No to Covid Loans, Cancel the Debt @g20org The business of lending continues. But Covid emergency loan packages being peddled will eventually result in greater debt burdens. #G20SaudiArabia #G20 #debt #CancelTheDebt #DebtJustice

RT @CAFOD: G20 finance ministers meeting today failed to #CancelTheDebt. G20 says “disappointed by absence of progress of private creditors’ participation”. Time for #G20 to step in and compel private creditors to cancel debts of developing countries. See briefing➡️…

RT @climatemorgan: #G20 finance ministers hold the pursestrings for a #JustRecovery that can tackle the multiple crises the world is facing right now. We need a green future, jobs and healthcare. And we demand justice! Read:… And add your name ->

RT @ficci_india: Mr @sureshpprabhu, PM's Sherpa to G7 and G20 will address the FICCI FLO webinar on 'Agriculture Rejuvenation in India' on 18 April 2020 at 11.30 AM. Watch the session live at

RT @n_shekar: 18 nations of the G20 including USA, Australia AND UK wants *Narendra Modi* as Task Force Leader of Corona. What a proud moment for Indians.

RT @TeamProgressist: L'Elysée estimant que « #Bolsonaro lui a menti lors du G20 » et « a décidé de ne pas respecter ses engagements climatiques ni de s'engager en matière de biodiversité, […] la France s'oppose à l'accord UE-Mercosur en l'état ».

RT @PIB_India: RT @PIB_India: PM @narendramodi with other leaders of G20 in a #G20OsakaSummit Family Photo.

RT @spectatorindex: G20 nations ranked by GDP size. 1. US 2. China 3. Japan 4. Germany 5. India 6. UK 7. France 8. Italy 9. Brazil 10. Brazil 11. Canada 12. South Korea 13. Russia 14. Australia 15. Mexico 16. Indonesia 17. Saudi Arabia 18. Turkey 19. Argentina 20. South Africa