All deleted tweets from politicians

Cecilia Malmström (EU) tweeted :

¿Por qué las mujeres se benefician menos del comercio internacional que los hombres? – ⁦⁦@euroefe⁩ ◽◽⁩ #TradeforHer…

@GeoffStooke @tfa4freedom As far as we can tell, public opinion in the colonies was very similar to that in Great Britain, with perhaps a third in each case broadly Tory - meaning, here, sympathetic to the Crown’s claims - and the rest, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, broadly Patriot/Whig.

Beethoven's Ninth was popular with Maoists and Nazis, and was the national anthem of the breakaway white regime in Rhodesia. Only now, though, has that sublime piece of music become part of a culture war.…

For many years, I have sat quietly through the Beethoven. I don't recognise it as an anthem, but I respect the musicians. Now look at the radicalisation on both sides: first the Brexit Party wanting to up the ante, then their opponents reaching for hysterical Nazi parallels.

The violent assault on journalist @MrAndyNgo by Antifa goons - and, more shockingly, the readiness of writers and intellectuals to minimise or excuse it - shows how easily people slide from “punch a Nazi” to “punch anyone with an opinion we dislike”.

@AndrewWilliaaf People can read it and make their minds up. I think the ironic tone is obvious, which is why there was no great row at the time. But, of course, if you start from the position of hating the author, you can doubtless convince yourself to see it differently.

This thought is prompted by the idiotic idea that @DennisPrager and @benshapiro - both of whom are devout and practising Jews - are somehow dog-whistling to Nazis and white supremacists.

“My aim is a United States of Europe — on the model of federal states such as Switzerland, Germany or the U.S." Ursula von der Leyen.

Jean Arthuis (EU) tweeted :

Excellent vice-président, @DavidSassoli était destiné à devenir président du @EuropeanParl. Je forme pour lui des voeux amicaux.