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Conservative MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham. Conservative Party Vice Chair. NHS Doctor. If you’re a constituent please email


Labour MP for Leicester West. If you’re a resident and need my help please ring 0116 204 4980 or email

Caroline Lucas (Green) tweeted :

So sorry @HinaBokhariLD for all the attacks you’re receiving. Nobody, whatever their politics, should have to face bullying or abuse. This is not democracy. We must call out this hatred and lift our politics - and our society - up.

RT @guy_ingerson: I know you’re obviously very busy @CarolineLucas but my friends cat is missing. Can you retweet the below and help find him? #AskTwitter…

Ross Greer (Green) retweeted @OmanReagan :

RT @OmanReagan: By the time you’re 30, aim to have unionized your workplace. At 40, cooperatively owned; at 50, no bosses; by retirement, full communism.…