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RT @Omilburn: There are millions of people wearing a mask when they have to, who hate doing so, in order to collectively reassure those more vulnerable than themselves that things are ok and we’re all trying to get through to something approaching normality again. And then there’s this knobend

RT @girlsreallyrule: After @BorisJohnson says he spoke w/Biden, @angelaeagle asks: "Does the PM now have any advice for his erstwhile best friend, President Trump, whose continuing refusal to accept the results is both embarrassing for him and dangerous for American Democracy?"

RT @KellyTolhurst: With great sadness I’ve decided to stand down from Government following some very sad news to care for & spend time with my family. Its been a huge honour to serve our country. I’m proud to support our PM & Gov as we deliver for the British people & recover from Covid. Thank you

RT @AlisonHarrisMSP: SNP health secretary Jeane Freeman has been accused of potentially breaching the Ministerial Code by revealing confidential Covid vaccine details. The SNP Government removed their vaccine plan just hours after it was published because it contained sensitive information.

RT @PickardJE: 🚨 🚨 James Murdoch has castigated the US media for the “toxic politics” threatening American democracy, saying proprietors are as culpable as politicians who “know the truth but choose instead to propagate lies”.… via @financialtimes

RT @NeilDotObrien: Good. The countries that have done best during the crisis (Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand) have tough health controls at the border. We are making good progress on vaccination - fastest in Europe, but this thing is going to bounce around the world mutating.

RT @Fromagehomme: Some things to look for today in Uganda as the results start to roll in ... - from How To Rig An Election with @brianklaas. #dictatorbingo #howtorig #weareremovingthedictator #bobiwine #UgandaDecide2021 #UgandaElections #uganda…

RT @TravelDorset: Travelling to Dorset to enjoy the county’s sights and sounds is not recognised as an essential journey; and you should avoid leaving the village, town or city where you live, unnecessarily. Please #stayhome this weekend.…

RT @educationgovuk: .@GavinWilliamson has announced that @FrontlineSW founder @JoshMacAlister has been appointed to lead the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care. Josh will oversee reforms of the system and improve the lives of our most vulnerable children. 👉…