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RT @JHahnEU: RT @JHahnEU: Freedom, democracy and the legacies of 1989…

Christos Stylianides (EU) tweeted :

Always a pleasure to meet @MinistroCabrita

Johannes Hahn (unknown) retweeted @pmwBxl :

RT @pmwBxl: 🇪🇺 support to 🇺🇦 after the Revolution of Dignity: more than 15 bn € from the #EU budget. Plus around 1.4 bn € from 🇪🇺Member States - still counting. #Ukraine has many strong and reliable partners on its ambitious reform path - the #EuropeanUnion clearly being one of them #SGUA

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @UCOLOURme :

RT @UCOLOURme: Here are the Gold Label road races on Sunday, 27th October. 🇸🇮 Volkswagen Ljubljana Marathon #Slovenia 🇩🇪 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon #Germany 🇪🇸 Medio Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP #Spain #IAAF #Marathon 👟

Pierre Moscovici (EU) tweeted :

La fin de l'austérité et la transparence fiscale doivent rester des priorités de notre famille politique ! @TheProgressives @IratxeGarper

RT @JunckerEU: RT @JunckerEU: Long live Europe! Lang lebe Europa! Vive l’Europe! ◽◽!mV68dP

Pierre Moscovici (EU) tweeted :

Bienvenue aux lycéens de @SchilickVille venus

RT @kyriacosch: Strong message from @JHahnEU at press with @Zoran_Zaev: failure to open accession negs. with 🇲🇰 + 🇦🇱 is a blow to EU’s credibility and against our geopolitical self-interest. EU cannot be a global actor if not able to look after own courtyard. Full remarks!Pn38Qg